My Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Laundry Soap by anna.breonGlade Air Freshener by Cut Them CouponsGreen Grocery Shopping Bag by Dizzy Designtoilet brush by bestofbakingsodafurniture-polish-3ONfo by erayfurniturewoman vaccuming pink fabric by intextdesignCheck out my weekly cleaning schedule redo. I hate cleaning during the weekend so I came up with this weekly cleaning schedule. I know, cleaning schedule you say?! Doesn’t sound very exciting. If you’re anything like me then you often find yourself scatter brained and actually doing more work then you need to. Ever since having baby number 2 I feel like I’m constantly doing laundry, sweeping, scrubbing toilets, running errands and what have you. Now that I’ve stuck to this schedule I know what to expect day-to-day and I get everything done in a timely manner. No more mopping at 10 pm or folding laundry every day of the week.

Monday: Day 1 — Basic Chores


  • Dust
  • Sweep
  • Mop and or vacuum
  • Wipe coffee tables/end tables
  • Spray fabric refresher on curtains/rugs/sofas

These basic chores I like to get done at the beginning of the week. It takes me about two hours every Monday morning to get these basic chores complete. I go through the entire house with my feather duster in hand. While I’m walking from room to room dusting I’m also picking up anything I can and putting it where it belongs. I try to never leave a room empty-handed.

Tuesday: Day 2 — Toilets & Pets

  • Clean toilets
  • Scrub tubs and showers
  • Take care of any pets, litter boxes, clean small critter cages, freshen water and food bowls

Get some cute gloves, a pretty toilet brush and go to town. If I have to clean I am going to look cute while doing it. A cute apron helps too. I enjoy putting music on when I’m cleaning. Sometimes I even wear heels to either help break them in or to exercise my legs, it helps, believe me.

Wednesday: Day 3 — Countertops & Errands

  • Clean kitchen countertops 
  • Clean bathroom countertops
  • Grocery shop
  • Visit the Bank
  • Any other errands

Don’t get me wrong, I wipe my countertops daily but once a week I move small appliances and scrub grout lines. I use coarse sea salt and fresh lemon juice to clean my kitchen countertops. I have grout grooves that need to always be cleaned.

Thursday: Day 4 — Freshen Up


  • Put out fresh towels
  • Freshen soap dispensers
  • Spray air freshener
  • Put out something fresh, like flowers or some fresh fruit
  • Clean all mirrors

Fresh flowers make a world of difference. It’s so nice going into a room and seeing fresh flowers out. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring the most joy. A pretty lemon center piece in the kitchen would be fantastic.

 Friday: Day 5 — Laundry


Fridays are for getting all the laundry done and put away. I start early Friday morning and I run loads all day long. I force myself to fold each load immediately after it’s dried. I enjoy going to bed at night knowing every piece of laundry in my home is clean and put away. It’s always nice on Friday evening when my husband comes home. He gets to help with the last couple of loads. I make sure to leave the socks for him.

Every two weeks or so:

  • wash all the sheets & blankets
  • wash bath mats and rugs

Once a month:

  • clean outside & indoor windows
  • move furniture to sweep & dust under it
  • clean oven
  • clean the refrigerator
  • dust ceiling fans & light fixtures

This list will definitely change as our family grows. For now this works and soon I’ll join some small tasks for my 4-year old to complete.

This is my schedule and I’m sticking to it. 

29 thoughts on “My Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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  2. Thanx girl, maybe now I will have some time for myself. lol Cleaning every day makes me feel old and tired and unapreciated but now with your new list I may feel cool again….tx again

  3. I think that it is important to have and stick to a cleaning schedule. However this has to be adapted according to the family size, gender (toilet issue), lifestyle and also their work timetable. There could also be extra duties such as taking care of sick, disability or elderly persons. We also forgot kids and helping out with homework and any extra curriculum that they may enjoy doing. It is also important to be a bit flexible because if not when things pops up one may get upset with that bit of extra work. And what about cooking and cleaning after? This is a daily chore. Nevertheless I agree to keep certain time for self to rest physically and mentally and do something that interest you and also dress up neatly in the morning and some good music of your liking. It helps you start out on the right foot.

    • Yes, this should definitely be adapted to your family and family size. I didn’t add in dinner or cleaning up after dinner because that’s a given and in my house when I cook is about %95 of the time I don’t clean up. My husband and daughter clean up. I only have 1 child in school and she is in Pre-K so we go over her work right when she gets home. She only goes for 2.5 hrs a day. I’m sure things will start changing within the next few years as the kids get older. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  4. This is great! And I agree that once a week for toilets is fine, you just have to train those boys to use the clorox wipes if the overshoot :) How often do you wash your curtains? I find that in my house I have to dust at least twice a week, most of the time it has to be three times a week or it gets to be a thick layer :( I was just wondering as I need to add that to what you wrote :)

    • The only curtains up are in the living room and I only wash those every once in a great while. In between washes I use a fabric refresher it’s a 30 day germ protection spray.

  5. My almost 23 daughter & my almost 26 year old son live at home with my husband and I. Their rooms, by my standards, are disgusting.. I ask that they each clean one bathroom each week, take care of their own laundry when they feel it is necessary and clean their rooms weekly. Their rooms are a mess. Piles of things are left around, draws are stuffed, makeup has stained the carpet in my daughter’s room, lint litters the floor and the dust and disorganization are more than I can stand. Bedding is rarely done. If the bed is made, it is done poorly.

    Do you have a suggestion?

    • Sounds like my brothers rooms. My mom once took photos of everything and posted it all over their fb pages. She was hoping the embarrassment would make them want to clean their rooms and bathroom. Might help?!

  6. Wow, some people are sooooo negative! I think your cleaning schedule is pretty great and I’m going to forget my old one and try out yours! As for those above, if they need to clean their toilet more than once a week then maybe they need to make sure everyone in their family is familiar with how to use a toilet! I’m the only female in a house of 4 and 1 week is just find for our toilet. I have two young boys and they know to aim and flush after each use!!! Thanks for sharing! And I agree, the pictures are great!!!!!

    • Love your name :) Your comment made me laugh. My 4 year old knows how to pee in the potty and flush as do I and my husband also. No need to clean and scrub it daily. Thanks for stopping by today and commenting. It made my day!

  7. Great list Tiffany. I always get overwhelmed by how much I have to do. Breaking it down like this makes a lot of sense. Clutter undoes me every time! Life with a 4 year old :-)

  8. Dear Tiffany, thanks for sharing your plan. I’m totally disagree with esteban as all women here probably do. Please keep on and forget haters. Having a blog, managing a homepage, raise kids, clean, cook being a lovely housewife and take time for yourself is something not every one can do and is easier to criticize. The Ideas are great and it works really good!

  9. I think sheets should be changed once a week not every two weeks, but think this is a great guide.

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  12. I hate cleaning, so breaking it down into little bits may be helpful. Thanks for the tips! Let us know how your schedule works out. I make great schedules, but forget to stick to them!

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